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Time saving assessment tracking & marking tools for teachers

Teachers love Assessinator because it saves them precious time

I continue to use Assessinator and it reduces my workload by approximately 90% when it comes to marking KS3 work. Paul Marsh, DT teacher, Staffordshire

100s of teachers use Assessinator to cut down marking time. In the last few years, Assessinator has saved teachers in the UK and abroad, thousands of marking hours.

Assessment grids can be created and used for each piece of assessed work. Show your grids to your students as a guide for where they should focus their efforts in order to hit the success criteria. Teachers often find it also useful to allow students to self-assess their work using the grids.

As a teacher, marking with your grids is as simple as clicking on your success criteria options. Assessinator will automatically calculate a best-fit grade, helping ensure consistency in marking. Also, the grid will generate feedback (both achievements and targets) according to how you've set up your grid. This avoids the need to continually repeat yourself when writing feedback in books. Students' marks and feedback can be changed of course, to personalise as necessary.

Marks and feedback can be easily printed in a handy slip form for sticking into books. Ask your students to stick the feedback slips in themselves and they're more likely to take notice of it (and it saves you more time).

If you give your students a chance to improve their work, re-assessment is easy. Just click on the student's mark in the marksheet and the grid opens with the original selections ready to re-mark.

Access your online marksheets any time anywhere

It looks AMAZING! I'm already envisaging the amount of time it's going to save me from rewriting the same comments on everyone's work! Food teacher, School in Ilford

All marks generated by grids automatically populate your assessinator marksheets. Marks can be manually added too just like typing in data into an Excel spreadsheet. In fact, you can type in anything ("absent", "unfinished" etc) into the marksheet. Assessinator can distinguish between legitimate grades and other data.

Tracking progress

Assessinator marksheets automatically calculate attainment marks. You have control over how the attainment mark is calculated (average mark, highest mark, latest mark, sum of all marks). Each student is given a traffic light symbol to quickly show which students are on track to miss, meet or exceed their target grade. Graphs for each student provide detail about their progress. Parent consultation evenings and report writing become more straightforward.

Life after levels

Many schools have introduced their own custom grading systems. Assessinator allows you to enter your own range of marks. Once set up, your grids can generate marks based on your grading system. Also,replica watches your marksheets can calculate attainment and track progress using your own grading system.

Want to share Assessinator with your department?

You can share all these features with your department and work efficiently and collaboratively with your colleagues.

Click here for more about using Assessinator as a department.

Teach in more than one department?

You can link your account to as many departments as you need to. From within your Assessinator account, you can easily switch between your departments. Within each department, you will have access to its marksheets and assessment grids, and to the subject-specific shared grids.

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