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Time saving assessment tracking & marking tools for departments

We have enjoyed Assessinator immensely this academic year and fully intend to continue using it for our KS3 students. Head of D&T, School in Staffordshire

Online marksheets shared across your department

Assessinator is ideal for departments who share classes or operate a class rotation system. Teachers within departments can contribute to the same marksheets allowing easy sharing of assessments and progress.

Use your school's Life after Levels marking system on Assessinator. The site can understand, assess and track progress using any range of numbers, letters or phrases you want. Just add your range of marks to the system and Assessinator does the rest. Furthermore, with a starting mark and a target mark Assessinator provides a simple traffic light system to show the progress of each student, as well as a printable graph for each student.

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Assessment grids make marking consistent

Many thanks for creating Assessinator. It has already helped in the assessing of work in our department. It has also lessoned the time taken to mark work. DT teacher, School in Ilford
Assessinator allows you to build, edit and share assessment grids amongst your department, so everyone marks consistently as well as quickly. Marking simply requires clicking success criteria options. Assessinator automatically calculates a best-fit grade using whatever grading system you choose. Grids you create can be also shared with other schools. Likewise other schools are sharing their grids. This allows you to browse, edit and use grids created by teachers in other schools. See how other similar departments around the country are assessing.
We are using Assessinator this year and are loving the flexibility and time saving it gives to us all. Head of DT, School in Surrey
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