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About Assessinator

Designed and built by teachers, for teachers

Your system has radically changed the way I assess and use assessment within the classroom Luke Taylor, School in Essex

How it all began

Assessinator began when Dan Went, a Design Technology teacher, saw an opportunity to save himself time marking. Noticing that when he marked design ideas, he was often writing the same comments over and over again in his students' books. It wasn't the analysis of the work that took the time, it was the basic task of writing the comments into the books.

Using his web development skills, Dan built a clickable table of success criteria and options in an HTML page. When options are clicked, the page put together some comments both for achievements and targets. The assessment grid was born.

The grid could solve another issue - the sometimes subjective nature of levelling work. The grid was adapted to generate a best-fit level too. Marksheets, progress tracking and printable feedback features were added.

When his departmental colleagues showed enthusiasm for using the system collaboratively, the work began in earnest. After a period of intense development, was launched for all to use.


Autumn 2011

First assessment grid is built and used.

Spring 2012

Grids and marksheets developed for department use.

Department begins to use the system.

The system is named Assessinator.

Summer 2012 -
Spring 2013  

Development continues as system is tested and improvements are identified.

System is adapted for online use.

March 2013 launched to other schools.

Teachers in other schools begin to open accounts.

September 2013

10,000th assessment made on

October 2013

Assess class function added, allowing quick block assessment of whole classes via a ticklist page.

September 2014 reaches 1000 teacher signups.

July 2014

100,000th assessment made on

October 2014

Overhaul of marksheet pages with many improvements added. best replica watches

November 2015

First whole-school signup.

October 2016

Life after Levels feature launched: users can now use their school's own grading systems on Assessinator.

November 2016

Feature launched allowing schools to share assessment grids with each other.

December 2016

New front-facing website launched.

February 2017

Number of assessments exceeds 500,000.

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